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Nebbia Proffer & Hearing

If you are facing criminal charges or an additional Nebbia requirement,#1st Coast Bail Bonds & Surety Agency can help. We thoroughly prepare Nebbia Proffers and hearing materials documenting the sources used to underwrite bonds, and can help your attorney prepare for Nebbia proceedings. #1st Coast Bail Bonds & Surety Agency is dedicated to expediting your release and helping you enjoy the life you deserve. Call  (386) 603 - 1213  or  (407) 417 0860 today 

at  #1st Coast Bail Bonds & Surety Agency. 

As part of the Nebbia process, the defendant and/or the family, friends, or co-signors responsible for providing the premium and collateral must show that the payment is not derived from criminal activity. Illegal sources may include profits from fraud, theft, money laundering, or drug sales. Legitimacy of funding may be proven by: 

• Witness testimony 
• Pay stubs, tax returns 
• Property, vehicle deeds 
• Bank account statements 
• Business, financial records 

#1st Coast Bail Bonds & Surety Agency are critical to analyzing these assets. #1st Coast Bail Bonds & Surety Agency will prepare the required financial evidence in writing for the defense attorney, then presents the prosecutor with a “Nebbia Proffer.” The prosecution must agree that the evidence meets all of the requirements to prove the funds’ legitimate source, otherwise the offer of proof will be analyzed by a judge in a Nebbia Hearing before the defendant is released. Once the Nebbia is APPROVED and an Order is signed by the Judge, the bail bond can be posted!